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Facelift (Rhytidectomy) in Augusta, GAThe most noticeable part of your body is your face. Unfortunately, the face is also one of the earliest parts of the body to show the physical and noticeable signs of aging. If aging, sun damage, stress or other factors have you fighting wrinkles, sagging skin, and extra folds of skin, then a facelift may be an excellent option for you to consider. A facelift will help restore your natural, youthful appearance and have you looking and feeling confident. If you’re considering a facelift, be sure to consider these important facts:

1. It Will Leave You with a Natural Looking Appearance

A common misconception is that a facelift will leave you looking like stiff plastic, therefore compromising your ability to show emotions. This is not true and likely results from a few poorly done and widely publicized examples of facelifts gone wrong. A talented board-certified plastic surgeon will take great care to design a plan specifically for you. This plan will consider your natural appearance: the elasticity of your skin, bone structure and facial contours. Under the care of a skilled and qualified surgeon, you will get back to looking like your natural, younger self.

2. There Is More Than One Type of Facelift

Not all faces are the same, and the same rings true for facelift procedures. Facelifts are not one-size fits all. Fortunately, there are a variety of surgical options to help you reach your aesthetic goals. During your consultation, your surgeon will help you pick a plan and a procedure that will work best with your face and skin type and bring out and restore your natural beauty. With procedures ranging from a traditional facelift to a mini facelift, your surgeon will be sure to have your options covered.

3. Your Recovery Won’t Be as Bad as You Imagined

Although a facelift is an invasive procedure that the patient should take seriously, many patients are shocked that the pain is more tolerable than they imagined. Some patients only need pain medication for the first few days after their surgery. Although swelling and tenderness are at their worst by the third day, the pain will reduce by day five. This will give you plenty of time to recover in peace with relatively low levels of pain.

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