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Hair Restoration for Women in Augusta, GA

For both men and women, hair loss can be frustrating and damage self-esteem. For some, it is the result of aging, and for others, it is caused by underlying medical conditions. Either way, no one chooses to lose their hair, and many of our patients wish they could do something to turn back the clock to when they had thick, lustrous hair. There are a number of options for those facing significant hair loss. From creams, to pills, to hair transplant surgery, you have options ranging from minimally invasive to full-on surgery. But what if pills and cream aren’t working, and you either aren’t a candidate for hair transplant or would like to avoid surgery? Good news! We at Southeastern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are proud to offer one of the most cutting-edge treatments for hair loss: non-invasive PRP for scalp.

Non-invasive PRP for scalp is a treatment for hair restoration and hair growth. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, which means blood that has been spun in a centrifuge to separate other components from platelets. Platelets contain significant amounts of “growth hormone,” so they can stimulate the scalp to grow new hair follicles. This is quite literally turning back the clock and giving your scalp another chance to grow hair where there was no possibility of hair growing before. This is more than just stimulating growth because it gives you brand new follicles, which offer a greater chance of hair growth. In a recent study, most patients who received non-invasive PRP treatments for scalp saw both increased density of hair and an increased number of hairs within a few months of their treatment.

Unlike other treatments, which might require intensive surgery with significant recovery times, non-invasive PRP only involves drawing blood and injecting it into your scalp using a small needle. Depending on your situation, you might need multiple rounds of non-invasive PRP or a follow-up procedure, but there is no recovery time to keep you from work and other activities. If hair loss has been affecting your life and other treatments aren’t for you, non-invasive PRP for scalp might be able to help you turn back the clock. This is simply one of the best treatments for hair restoration and hair growth. Don’t wait, call us at Southeastern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation!