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Chin Augmentation in Augusta, GA

Chin augmentation enhances the definition of a weak or underdeveloped chin. At Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, led by our skilled surgeons include board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, perform chin augmentation surgery and other cosmetic procedures for residents of Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

What is the goal of Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, increases volume in a chin that lacks definition or is underdeveloped and out of proportion to the other facial features. Chin augmentation sculpts a tight jaw and increases volume and fullness in the chin area to balance the facial features.

What advantages does Chin Augmentation provide?

Chin augmentation achieves balance and proportion in the face. When the chin is small in comparison to the other facial features, it can make a face look unbalanced, for example, a large nose or heavy brow may appear even more prominent in comparison to a particularly small chin. Chin augmentation improves the facial appearance by harmonizing the facial features.

Who is a good candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery may be suitable for almost any healthy adult who wants to add volume and fullness to a receding or underdeveloped chin.

How is Chin Augmentation performed?

Chin augmentation is a simple surgical procedure that takes about 30 minutes to one hour to complete, using either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. A biocompatible implant is inserted and positioned over the bone of the chin through a tiny incision in the lower jaw, adding volume and definition to the chin and jaw. Incisions are usually hidden beneath the chin or inside the mouth along the lower lip. Following the surgery, the area is wrapped in compressive bandages or surgical tape to support sensitive tissues and optimize healing.

Can I combine Chin Augmentation with other procedures?

It is very common for chin augmentation to be combined with such procedures as blepharoplasty or facial implants to achieve a more balanced and proportionate facial structure.

What can I expect after Chin Augmentation surgery?

Arrange to have someone drive you home after surgery as you may still be under the effects of anesthesia. Plan to rest fully for about a week and limit yourself to light activity for about six weeks. Men may have to postpone shaving facial hair during this period if it irritates the area. You may find it difficult or uncomfortable to perform certain facial movements such as smiling, chewing, or talking due to swelling that may occur after the treatment. We recommend you stick to a soft food diet for the first few days to avoid applying unnecessary pressure to the treated area. Dr. Austin will prescribe suitable pain medication to alleviate any discomfort, and most patients can go back to work after one week, then gradually resume light physical activity over six weeks, at which point you will be fully recovered, and it is safe to resume your normal lifestyle.

If your chin seems too small for your face, consider a chin augmentation procedure performed by our skilled surgeons include board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, serving patients in Augusta, Evans, and Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us today!