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1. How long does NeoGraft™ last?

While the results of your NeoGraft™ treatments may take up to six months to appear, these results have the potential to last a lifetime! This is because NeoGraft™ treatments replace damaged hair follicles with healthy, viable follicles. Replacing these follicles allows patients to grow their very own thick, full hair so long as the follicle remains healthy.

2. Does NeoGraft™ look natural?

Yes, NeoGraft™ does provide patients with natural-looking results. This is because NeoGraft™ uses a specialized process that combines robotic technology with the popular FUE technique to harvest hair follicles quickly, efficiently, and with minimal scarring.

3. Do you have to shave your hair for NeoGraft™?

While some of our male patients may have to shave their hair shorter than usual to receive NeoGraft™ treatments, they will not have to shave all of their hair down completely. Our female patients may have the option to have donor follicles taken from another portion of the body to reduce the need for shaving the head.

4. Is NeoGraft™ better than FUE?

NeoGraft™ is a unique and innovative hair restoration treatment that combines FUE techniques with robotic technology to provide patients with the ability to grow their very own thick, full head of hair. Like FUE, NeoGraft™ harvests individual hair follicles to transplant to thinning portions of hair. Unlike FUE, NeoGraft™ uses advanced robotic technology to reduce scarring and provide natural-looking results in a shorter period of time.

5. What is the best age for a hair transplant?

At Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, we don’t believe in a perfect age to receive a hair transplant. Dr. Austin and his expert medical team are happy to provide patients as young as their 20s and as mature as their 60s with hair restoration treatments like NeoGraft™, so they can live their lives happily and confidently.