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Body Contouring in Augusta, GAHave you been working out regularly but you still notice stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away? Have you considered plastic surgery as a way to reduce those fatty areas? Dr. Troy Austin at Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery has a solution for you! There are several cosmetic surgery options that can help you look better and encourage you to continue exercising.

Tummy Tuck

Have you been doing crunch after crunch and your belly still isn’t where you want it to be? A tummy tuck tones and tightens your abdominal area. This procedure is the perfect fit for men and women alike who have experienced extreme weight loss and weakened their abdominal muscles in the process. A tummy tuck is also a good resource for females who have loose muscles after pregnancy.

Body Lift

Losing a large amount of weight is a huge accomplishment. However, you may not want people to see all of the loose skin that you are left with afterward. A body lift can be performed to improve several areas of your body from the discomfort of the hanging skin. This process is used to remove the loose skin that is left behind in your torso, abdomen, and buttocks.

Arm Lift

Did you recently lose weight and now you have the dreaded “wings” under your arms? Do you want to feel better about wearing short sleeves and tank tops without the fear of hiding your arms? Doing endless curls and upper arm workouts just won’t revive the loose muscles and skin in your arms. An arm lift is an effective way to reduce those “wings” and rejuvenate your look.

Thigh Lift

Have you been exercising your legs and doing workouts targeted to your leg muscles, but due to weight loss and aging your legs don’t look exactly how you want? A thigh lift may be an appropriate procedure to tighten your loose skin, remove unwanted fatty pockets, and remove excess skin. A thigh lift can contour the legs to achieve your desired look and make your clothing feel and fit so much better.

Brazilian Butt Lift

So you’ve lost weight and you’ve been busting your butt, literally, in the gym but you haven’t yet reached your desired look? Do you have a sagging and flat buttocks now? A Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Troy Austin is the ideal way to regain your sense of youth and achieve a much rounder and more sensual look in your buttocks.

Are You Ready to Enhance Your Natural Achievements?

You’ve done the work in the gym; now let Dr. Troy Austin help you. Plastic surgery is a great way to enhance the changes made to your body by your consistent dedication to the gym and major weight loss. You don’t have to compromise one for the other. After recovery from your procedure, it is recommended that you continue your work in the gym to enhance the features Dr. Austin brings out with plastic surgery and your previous exercise. Contact Dr. Troy Austin at Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery in Augusta, Georgia for your body makeover.