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Every day, we look in the mirror to fix our hair or do our makeup. Unfortunately, as we get older, we may see someone in the mirror we do not recognize. While we all feel and act young, our faces can show our true age despite our best efforts to stay fit with diet and exercise.

Voluma® is a gel formula that can help restore a younger version of yourself by targeting one of the most noticeable changes in our face as we age: loss of midface volume. Once firm and shapely cheeks can sag and droop over time, making the difference between a young face and an older face more noticeable. Voluma® is a simple, effective, and long-lasting solution that can sculpt your face and restore lost volume.

What is Voluma®?

Voluma® is a revolutionary new treatment used to help restore the youthful look of full, high cheeks. The injectable is used to correct volume loss in the cheeks and mid-face. Voluma® is formulated from hyaluronic acid (HA), a long chain of sugar molecules that occur naturally in the skin. Hyaluronic acid works by helping cells bind to water, restoring volume to define your cheeks. These unique properties also utilize extensive cross-linking, through a process called Vycross™, to add extra lifting capacity and durability against degradation, ensuring that results will last up to two years. Despite its long-lasting results, this procedure is non-invasive. Voluma® requires no scalpels, blades, or scars.

Is Voluma® Right for Me?

Voluma® is right for anyone with poorly defined cheeks or for those who have volume loss around their cheekbones.

Voluma® as an Alternative to Facial Surgery

Scared to go under the knife or worried about scarring on your face? Voluma® is an attractive alternative to surgery. Not every patient is an ideal surgery candidate. In these instances, we suggest Voluma® treatments that can be combined with other non-surgical treatments such as Botox®, Ultherapy®, laser skin resurfacing, or Kybella®.

To learn more about Voluma® and begin the consultation process, contact Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery. We serve residents of Augusta, GA, and Evans, GA.