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Tummy Tuck in Augusta, GA

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that tightens and tones the abdominal region. At Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, our skilled surgeons include board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, perform tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgery for residents of Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

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What does a Tummy Tuck consist of?

A tummy tuck is medically known as an abdominoplasty, and this procedure surgically tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall, sculpts the waistline, and creates a toned and trim abdominal region. Many individuals have accumulated sagging folds of skin and weakened abdominal muscles following dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, or simply as a consequence of the aging process. A tummy tuck defines and tones the body contour and eliminates stretch marks from the lower abdomen. A full tummy tuck is done through a thin horizontal incision just above the pubic line, and a tiny incision in the area of the belly button. Weakened muscle tissue in the abdomen is tightened, and the belly button is moved to a higher position on the torso. The tummy tuck produces a very fine scar running across the lower abdomen, but it will be easy to hide under clothing and, in most patients, the scar fades over time and becomes virtually invisible.


The tummy tuck is ideal for healthy adult male and female patients who have weakened abdominal wall muscles as a consequence of extreme weight loss, pregnancy, or the aging process, particularly when excess sagging folds of skin are present in the abdominal area. Some patients who have less fat accumulation and firmer skin tone may be suitable for a less-invasive liposuction treatment or a mini-tummy tuck instead of a full tummy tuck.


Every procedure is customized for each patient. Dr. Austin and the team will determine which is the most suitable for you. A full tummy tuck is ideal for individuals with significant laxity in the abdominal wall muscles and a large volume of excess fat and skin to eliminate. A mini tummy tuck is a less invasive procedure that may be ideal for patients who still retain some strength in the abdominal wall muscles, and have less fat and sagging skin to eliminate.


If you want to rejuvenate your entire torso, consider a mommy makeover, which combines the tummy tuck with other procedures such as breast enhancement and liposuction with your tummy tuck, to achieve a customized makeover that treats all your cosmetic concerns at once. We recommend combining different procedures in one surgical session to reduce recovery time, cost, and risk.


Following a tummy tuck procedure, you will need to have someone drive you home and help with basic care around the house for about 10-14 days so you can fully heal from the procedure and gradually resume non-strenuous activities. To ensure optimal healing, Dr. Austin recommend that you take it easy and slowly return to your normal activities over a period of six to eight weeks.


Yes. While it is completely safe to become pregnant after a tummy tuck, Dr. Austin and our team of experts recommend postponing your tummy tuck procedure until after you are finished with any planned pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, because the effects of future pregnancies may alter the results of your procedure.

Tummy Tuck FAQs

How much weight do you lose with a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss treatment and should not be considered an alternative to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Instead, a tummy tuck is typically done when patients are at or near their ideal weight. That being said, patients have the potential to lose up to 10lbs in excess skin and tissue following their surgery. This helps our patients better fit into their clothing and feel more confident in their skin.

How long do tummy tucks last?

The results of your tummy tuck have the potential to be permanent. However, weight gain following a tummy tuck may disrupt or reverse your desired results. It’s important for our patients to remember the eating healthy and exercising regularly is the key to maintaining the slim, tight tummy they gain following their tummy tuck surgery.

Can you gain belly fat after a tummy tuck?

Yes, you do have the potential to gain belly fat after a tummy tuck. While the results of your tummy tuck have the potential to be permanent, patients also have the potential to gain weight and reverse the results of their tummy tuck through poor diet and lack of exercise. We encourage all of our patients to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in order to maintain their desired results.

Is a tummy tuck painful?

The tummy tuck is not a painful procedure. Your tummy tuck surgery will be performed under anesthesia to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible throughout your procedure. Following your tummy tuck, Dr. Troy Austin will provide you with prescriptions for pain management medications and detailed post-operative care instructions to ensure you have a quick and comfortable recovery.

What is the best age for a tummy tuck?

There is no perfect age for a tummy tuck. While we typically see patients between 35 and 45 come in to receive a tummy tuck, patients as young as their mid-twenties and as mature as their mid-sixties may be good candidates for the procedure. If you believe you’re eligible for a tummy tuck, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Austin.

Can’t get your clothes to fit properly around excess belly fat, a thick waist and sagging skin in the abdomen? Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, performs customized tummy tuck surgery for male and female patients in Augusta, Evans, and Columbia County, as well as neighboring areas in Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us today!