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Gynecomastia Surgery in Augusta, GA

Gynecomastia surgery eliminates excess fat from the chest and pectoral region in men and teen boys. Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, led by Dr. Troy Austin, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and Dr. Matthew Isakson, plastic surgeon, provide gynecomastia surgery for men and teen boys in Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

Gynecomastia in Augusta, GA

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is excess fat or glandular tissue that accumulates in the pectoral region in men and boys, causing the breasts to become overdeveloped. Since gynecomastia may be caused by hormonal imbalances in some cases, simply treating the hormonal imbalance may eliminate it. But when gynecomastia is caused by weight gain, the solution is gynecomastia surgery or liposuction to extract excess fatty deposits from the pectoral region.

Why do men and boys get Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia may be the result of weight gain, improper diet, hormonal fluctuations, hereditary conditions, or certain medications.

What can Gynecomastia treatment accomplish?

Gynecomastia treatment can help you achieve a tight, muscular chest contour as this procedure effectively removes the fat cells from the pectoral region, it will also prevent future accumulation of fat in that area.

What is involved in Gynecomastia treatment?

The procedure takes one to three hours to perform and depending on the extent of your procedure, local, or general anesthesia may be used. In most cases, liposuction, excision surgery, or a combination of both may be performed. Your procedure will depend on the type of tissue to be removed, as well as the size and volume of fat in the treatment area. Liposuction alone may extract tissue that is composed exclusively of fat cells, but if you have deposits of glandular tissue or excess skin that may sag after fat extraction, surgery may be required to achieve a trim, toned contour. Gynecomastia surgery is performed through incisions along the lower fold of the breast and may reposition the nipple if necessary. You may experience a temporary reduction of sensation in your nipple area, but normal sensation returns after a few months in most cases.

What happens after Gynecomastia treatment?

Recovery depends on the extent of your treatment, but you should plan to have someone drive you home after the procedure, as you may still be affected by the anesthesia. For the first few days following the procedure, you may notice minor swelling and bruising, but these symptoms will subside in a few weeks. You will have to wear a compressive vest for four weeks after your treatment to optimize healing and reduce swelling. You may gradually resume normal physical activity about a month after the procedure.

Are the results of Gynecomastia Surgery permanent?

Yes. While gynecomastia treatment effectively eliminates fat cells and is therefore considered a permanent procedure, you may gain weight in other areas of the body in the future that may affect the results of your procedure. To maintain optimal results, we recommend a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Excess fat in the chest is an embarrassment for men and teen boys that can be easily eliminated with gynecomastia treatment. Dr. Troy Austin, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and Dr. Matthew Isakson, plastic surgeon at Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, provide customized gynecomastia treatments for men and teen boys living in the vicinity of Augusta, Evans, and Columbia County in Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us today!