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NeoGraft in Augusta, GA

NeoGraft™ is the latest development in the science of hair restoration. Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, provides NeoGraft™ hair restoration using follicular unit extraction (FUE) for our patients in Augusta, North Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and neighboring communities in Georgia and South Carolina.
NeoGraft in Augusta, GA

Why is NeoGraft™ the preferred method for restoring a full head of hair?

NeoGraft™ is an advanced hair restoration treatment. Other methods of hair restoration can be painful, leave behind an unsightly scar, cause you to lose some sensation near the incision site, and often have a lengthy recovery period. NeoGraft™ uses the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method for a less invasive and far more comfortable approach than traditional hair transplant procedures.

How Does NeoGraft™ Work?

Follicular unit extraction is a minimally invasive hair restoration method that involves no scalpels or stitches. There are four basic steps to the NeoGraft™ procedure with Dr. Austin.

First, the donor hair is carefully extracted from the back or side of your head. NeoGraft™ uses controlled pneumatic pressure for a smooth extraction without twisting or pulling the hair. Secondly, this group of removed follicles is dissected to ensure each graft is the same length and diameter. This step allows for an increased take rate than traditional methods. Thirdly, Dr. Austin will prepare the recipient site with the angles, direction, and orientation of the hair that was discussed during your consultation. This will determine the look of your hair once your treatment is complete. Finally, Dr. Austin separates the follicular units based on size and transplants them into the prepared recipient sites.

The NeoGraft™ system allows Dr. Austin to move quickly and smoothly from the removal of the follicles to the transplant. This allows for the hair to maintain its thickness and is less likely to cause damage to the hair follicles.

Am I a good candidate for NeoGraft™ Hair Restoration?

The best candidates for NeoGraft™ are men and women who are struggling with male or female pattern baldness or thinning hair. You must have a sufficient amount of donor hair on the back of your head to help treat balding or thinning areas. Having more donor hair will yield fuller, more natural-looking results. Dr. Austin will determine how much coverage will be possible with a NeoGraft™ procedure. Men who have already lost a significant amount of hair or who are completely bald may not be right for the NeoGraft™ procedure.

If you’re bothered by thinning hair, bald spots or premature balding, consider a NeoGraft™ FUE hair transplant procedure with Dr. Troy Austin at Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery. Our facility provides NeoGraft™ hair restoration treatments for residents of Evans, Augusta, and North Augusta as well as Columbia County, and neighboring areas in Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us now!