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Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery) in Augusta, GA

For those looking to improve their physical appearance, our skilled surgeons include board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin. These experts perform a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women of Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery, sometimes called cosmetic surgery, includes an array of procedures that enhance the body and facial features, correct imperfections, and improve one’s physical appearance. Not all cosmetic surgery procedures are done to simply improve appearances. In many cases, plastic or cosmetic surgery is used to address medical conditions and improve a patient’s quality of life, comfort, and/or functionality, as well as reducing social insecurities by improving self-esteem.

How can Plastic Surgery improve my physical appearance?

Cosmetic or plastic surgery can improve such conditions as structural or aesthetic problems caused by genetics, illness, surgery, or injury. Some patients choose to undergo cosmetic surgery to simply eliminate visible signs of aging or skin damage, such as wrinkles or sagging skin, while others wish to remove scars or correct such problems as uneven skin tone. There are many ways that plastic surgery can enhance an individual’s appearance by restoring balance, harmony, and definition to the face and body, improving one’s appearance and body image.

How do I know if I should consider Plastic Surgery?

To determine if plastic surgery is the ideal solution to give you the physical improvement you desire, schedule a consultation with Dr. Austin. They can determine whether cosmetic surgery is ideal for you, as well as explaining the specific procedures that will treat your specific condition.

Will I have to prepare ahead for Plastic Surgery?

We definitely recommend that you plan ahead for your surgery in order to ensure that you allow ample time to rest and recover properly after the procedure. In most cases, you will need someone to drive you home after surgery and to help out with routine home care for a few days while you recover. During your introductory consultation, Dr. Austin will evaluate your medical history and condition, noting any problems that may be genetic, as well as your lifestyle habits. You may need to temporarily suspend taking some medications in preparation for surgery. For optimal results, we also recommend that you abstain from alcohol and tobacco use in preparation for surgery and during the recovery period.

What can I expect during recovery from Cosmetic Surgery?

All surgical procedures carry some risk and discomfort, and the recovery period may vary depending on the person’s general health, age, lifestyle, and the procedure performed. We will provide you with detailed instructions for your post-operative care and encourage you to follow these instructions strictly so as to reduce discomfort during the recovery process, as well as to optimize the aesthetic results of your surgery. You may have to wear compressive garments following your procedure, depending on the region of the body affected, and some garments are specifically suited to men or women. You are always welcome to contact our friendly staff with any questions or concerns that you may have during your recovery period.

Plastic Surgery procedures That We Offer:

Does Cosmetic Surgery produce visible scars?

Cosmetic surgery is designed to improve your appearance, so extreme care is taken to perform all plastic surgery procedures in such a way that scars are naturally camouflaged in natural skin folds or hidden from view by hair or clothing. Many types of cosmetic procedures actually produce little to no visible scarring, while others may produce very thin hairline scars that eventually fade away and become virtually invisible.

Are the results of Plastic Surgery considered permanent?

The results of many surgical procedures are indeed considered permanent. Nevertheless, over time, patients may develop new concerns that require additional treatments, because, although plastic surgery can make you look 10 years younger, it cannot prevent the continuous advancement of the aging process and its effects on your future appearance. Many patients opt for follow-up treatments to treat new problems that arise with increased age.

To learn more about cosmetic surgery and whether it’s right for you, contact our team of skilled plastic surgeons include board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Austin, where cosmetic surgery is provided for men and women residing in Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia and South Carolina. Contact us today!