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TruSculpt® iD in Augusta, GA

Diet and exercise sometimes just aren’t enough to eliminate all the areas of excess body fat. Fortunately, there are non-invasive fat reduction treatments, such as CooolSculpting® (fat freezing) and truSculpt® iD (radiofrequency) treatments that effectively eliminate those fatty pockets. Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery with our team of skilled plastic surgeons includes Dr. Manuel Medina and board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Troy Austin, is proud to introduce the new truSculpt® iD RF treatments to men and women in Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

TruSculpt® iD in Augusta, GA

What is truSculpt® iD?

TruSculpt® iD is among the latest iterations of radio frequency (RF) therapies available from Cutera for use in body contouring and sculpting. The procedure can be done hands-free or using one of the hand-held devices and is customizable so each patient receives individualized results.

The treatment is done in our office by one of our experienced, highly trained technicians and is used to permanently eliminate pockets of stubborn fat tissue that have proven resistant to regular exercise and healthy eating.

TruSculpt® iD is effective in removing fatty tissue from multiple areas on the body, including the stomach, back, neck, flanks, arms, and legs.

How Does truSculpt® iD Work?

TruSculpt® iD works by penetrating RF waves that travel deep to the skin, delivering heat to the fatty layer while at the same time, the surface of the skin remains cool to the touch. The heat from the RF energy destroys approximately 20-30% of the fat cells that are then absorbed, over time, by the body, and disposed of using the same natural process by which all dead cells are eliminated.

The cell destruction within the fatty tissue layer also serves to trigger a natural inflammatory response in the body, which initiates tissue repair and stimulating an increase in collagen production. These naturally occurring events cause the skin tissue to tighten, leaving the treated area looking smoother. The treated area becomes thinner and tighter!

Sessions typically take as little as 15 minutes! Discomfort is only as bad as a hot stone massage. This feeling comes from the heat of the penetrating RF waves, but it’s rarely enough to cause significant discomfort.

Noticeable results can be seen in the form of a smoother, shapelier body appearance with more contours, typically in one or two truSculpt® iD sessions.

What are the Benefits of truSculpt® iD?

Most patients are quite pleased with the results they get from their truSculpt® iD treatments. Some of the most commonly reported benefits include:

  • Non-scarring, non-invasive procedure
  • Simultaneous treatment of multiple areas is possible
  • Tightens up the skin and eliminates fatty tissue pockets
  • Virtually pain-free
  • Can resume normal routine immediately – no downtime or recovery time needed

Am I a Good Candidate for truSculpt® iD?

The ideal candidate for truSculpt® iD therapy is an 18 to a 50-year-old healthy adult, unhappy about certain fatty areas on their body. You should be aware that truSculpt® iD is not a replacement for weight loss. Best results are seen on patients who are at or near their goal weight, typically with a BMI of 31 or less. As with any non-invasive fat reduction procedure, some people are happy with a single treatment, but some may require 2-3 sessions to achieve ideal contours. We may offer a combination of treatments to best achieve your goals and often combine CoolSculpting® with truSculpt® iD or other modalities, such as NuEra Tight. Combination therapy is sometimes required to help avoid more invasive procedures.

Do not gain weight after your procedure or your results will be negatively affected! If you return to unhealthy eating habits, the remaining fat cells left in your body still have the capacity to expand in order to store extra fat. So fat expansion is still possible with a bad diet, although not usually in the treated area.

What Does truSculpt® iD Cost in Augusta, GA?

The cost of truSculpt® iD varies from one patient to the next, based on a number of contributing factors, such as the size and number of the areas to be treated. This is discussed in full during your initial consultation and an accurate amount can be given to you once your treatment plan has been chosen. Our expert technicians will work with you to customize a treatment plan that will meet your goals and expectations!

Since most elective cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, you will be responsible for payment. We accept cash, cashier’s check, and major credit cards. We’re also happy to offer financing options to our patients through either CareCredit® - Click here to apply.

If you still have questions or would like to find out if truSculpt® iD is a good solution for you, contact our office and we’ll be happy to schedule your personalized consultation. We’re proud to serve residents in Evans, Augusta, Columbia County and surrounding areas in Georgia and South Carolina.