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Microblading and Permanent Makeup in Augusta, GA

Wish your eyebrows were thicker, or your lips had more definition? Maybe you’re just tired of applying eyeliner day after day. At Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, our highly qualified medical aesthetician creates beautiful brows and applies permanent makeup for residents of Augusta, Evans, Columbia County, and nearby areas in Georgia. We are also happy to provide our services to residents of Aiken and the neighboring communities in South Carolina.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup in Augusta, GA

What is Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

Microblading is designed to shape and define eyebrows that are thin, sparse, or barely noticeable and give them the appearance of fuller, darker, thicker eyebrows. It’s a semi-permanent procedure accomplished by artfully and meticulously drawing each individual hair. The results look stunning and incredibly natural.

Permanent makeup consists of a similar type of meticulous artwork, with tiny strokes painstakingly applied as eyeliner, lip liner, or to the eyebrows. Despite the name, it’s also a semi-permanent result, lasting up to about three years.

These treatments are also very effective to help cover up any scars you might have in the eyebrow area or on the mouth.

Micropigmentation for Scalp Scars and Hair Restoration

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is often used for hair restoration. This is a type of hair transplant procedure that involves transplanting small grafts of hair to thinning areas on the head.

These hair transplants are often done using the NeoGraft™ method. This method is not quite as invasive as conventional strip FUE methods. For those who are not the best candidates for surgery, there’s an even less invasive method know as micropigmentation.

This method involves matching an ink, similar to tattoo ink, to your natural hair color and implanting it into the areas of thinning hair. This same procedure can be used to cover unsightly scalp scars as well.

Benefits of Microblading and Permanent Makeup

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by selecting either microblading or permanent makeup as your treatment of choice. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Results are immediate and long lasting
  • Gives you the appearance of perfect facial symmetry
  • Allows you to always appear rested
  • Enhances your natural appearance without looking “drawn on”
  • Increases your self-confidence about your appearance
  • Provides relief for clients with arthritis or vision problems that prevent them from maintaining their brows or applying makeup

Am I a Good Candidate for Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

If you’ve ever experienced a bad reaction to tattoo ink, or if you have a current skin infection, microblading and permanent makeup may not be the best choice for you at this time. Otherwise, if you’re a healthy adult who wants to take advantage of the benefits microblading and permanent makeup offer, you’re likely a great candidate.

Is There Any Downtime After Microblading and Permanent Makeup?

There is generally little to no downtime needed immediately following microblading or permanent makeup application, but there are precautions that should be taken during the healing process. It can take from a few days to three or four weeks for your brows to completely heal, and usually about a month for the color to totally set in.

For permanent makeup, you may experience some redness or slight swelling that resolves in three to five days for your eyes and seven to ten days for your lips. Complete healing for the eyes is typically seen in three to four weeks, with the lips taking roughly twice as long to be completely healed.

Following your specific treatment, you’ll be given post-procedure instructions on how to care for your eyes, brows and/or lips. For the most successful, most rapid recovery, it’s important to follow the recommendations given.

What Does Microblading and Permanent Makeup Cost in Augusta, GA?

Costs tend to fluctuate between patients, depending on which treatments are chosen.

You will be provided with the cost after discussing your treatment plan during your initial consultation. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance and the responsibility falls upon the patient to pay for their treatments. We offer financing options in an effort to keep procedures as affordable as possible.

If you’re ready to change the shape of your eyebrows or eliminate the time-consuming act of applying makeup every day, contact our office to schedule your personalized consultation. At Southeastern Aesthetic Surgery, we’re proud to offer our services to men and women in Augusta, Evans, Columbia County and neighboring communities of Georgia and South Carolina.